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An American Lion

An American Lion

George Tierney is America's Greatest Living Douchebag

Posted: 21 May 2012 12:26 PM PDT

This is George Tierney, and he lives in Greenville, South Carolina.

Apparently, he does not believe in using a polite and insistent tone on Twitter. He prefers to curse at women and act like a buffoon in public. According to one of the greatest bloggers ever, a one Mr. Tbogg, he is upset that people are taking screenshots of his vile, intemperate Tweets and he believes that there is a legal remedy for said actions.

There is no legal remedy. When he hits the button and sends his Tweet into the world, along with it goes proof that he has no clue whatsoever how to conduct himself in public.

George Tierney is America's Greatest Living Douchebag, and winning the AGLD takes cunning and skill.

Oh, and after the jump, I have a slew of his tweets archived for future reference, including calling Kirstie Alley "fuckchop" and having a bit of a moment engaging The Christina Kim in a very vocal discussion. And, if you can stomach it, towards the end he engages Oprah and President Obama in a discussion on Twitter as well.

If you guessed that Mr. Tierney likes to Tweet after getting blotto, you might be guessing in a way that some would say is accurate. These posts follow a pattern that is not entirely inconsistent with having a bender and waking up face down, bareassed naked on a burning sports car at high noon outside of an Episcopal church.

Austerity Never Created a Single Job

Posted: 20 May 2012 02:38 PM PDT

The 2012 election should be about jobs, but it'll probably be about birth certificates, dogs on car roofs, and bullshit.

You can read what President Obama has said here and wonder if there is any political will to make this happen (not with this Congress) and you can wonder if they are finally starting to listen to Paul Krugman at the White House (I hope so). The death of austerity cannot come sooner. It is really all about balancing budgets on the backs of the working poor and it has never created any jobs nor has it placated the supposed "confidence fairy" that, at least now in 2012, has been proven to be a lie.

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