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Gone With The Wind, Ai Weiwei's B'day, Controversial Museum Move, And More!

Friday, May 18, 2012
Today is the (disputed) birthday of Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei. The successful sculptor, architect and open critic of the Chinese government turns 55 today, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.
These Faces Are Gone With The Wind
Huge Art Collection Completes Controversial Move
'Dirty Looks' Reveals Secret World Of Gay Hot Spots
How To Take Great Pics With Smartphones
Jennifer Rivera: Kiss Me, but Finish Singing That High Note First
I always prefer to get the kissing out of the way right away so that the awkwardness dissolves by opening night. Plus, it's better to not be surprised by the fact that your tenor is actually an open mouthed wet kisser, or that your soprano is a closed lip face presser.
Christine Anagnos: Art Museum Day
I believe the arts are more relevant than ever, and that there is an opportunity for arts institutions to recalibrate how they engage their communities.
Jane Chafin: More on the Questionable Authorship of a Certain Urinal
No one knows the whereabouts of the original urinal. It disappeared shortly after its one and only public appearance. The ones we see enshrined in museums today are from the edition of eight replicas that Duchamp commissioned in 1964.
Lanie Zipoy: Playwright Daniel Talbott Comes Full Circle With Slipping
When Slipping opens at the New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco on May 18th, it will be a sweet homecoming for playwright Daniel Talbott.
Elysabeth Alfano: Whaam! Splat! Bang! Lichtenstein Hits Chicago's Art Institute
The exhibition is truly the first of its kind or scale. Lichtenstein blurred the lines between low art and high art and paved the way for current day street artists and graphic novelists to further explore their craft in the world of fine art.

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