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Highlight Hollywood

Highlight Hollywood

‘Battleship’ Opens Today, Alexander Skarsgard Rules The Seas While Aliens Try To Rule The World, Highlight Hollywood News

Posted: 18 May 2012 12:30 AM PDT

Here we go again! Another action Sci-Fi film, that critics hate, calling it unrealistic and outlandish. Again, we have to remind readers and moviegoers, that this is a Sci-Fi film, not a biopic on an historical figure or current-story. It's a fantasy! And wow, does this film ever deliver on fantasy. From Alexander Skarsgard, to

Sacha Baron Cohen As ‘The Dictator’ Plays With Goats, Is Very Irreverent And Sleazy, But Baron Cohen Fans Will Love It, Even If We Did Not, Highlight Hollywood News

Posted: 18 May 2012 12:26 AM PDT

As much as I dislike Sacha Baron Cohen and his persona as The Dictator, especially after he rudely dumped ashes, said to be those of dead dictator Kim Jong-il from North Korea all over E! News and Hollywood heavy-weight mogul Ryan Seacrest as this year's Academy Awards, I have to admit, his film is so

The Latest Webisode Of ‘The Bay’ Reached Great Heights, Writing, Production Value And Acting By Hollywood’s Leading Man Extraordinaire Charles Shaughnessy Shined Like The Sun

Posted: 18 May 2012 12:22 AM PDT

In the latest webisode of the Emmy Award-nominated Internet soap "The Bay," I had to watch it twice.  "Where is my Daughter," Fiona Hutchison's mysterious lady demanded to know, and I was left asking myself, Why do I have to wait another week before my "fix" on the most addictive new drama in 25 years? 

Devastated Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speaks Out About Wife Mary’s Death By Suicide, Highlight Hollywood News Interview

Posted: 18 May 2012 12:18 AM PDT

Mary Kennedy, who committed suicide by hanging herself, had battled depression for years, her estranged husband Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says. RFK, Jr. is busy now consoling his children, something the handsome environmentalist had never planned on needing to do. But that's what Kennedys do, they rise to the occasion.  In an interview on Thursday

Levitt Pavilion Pasadena’s 10th Anniversary Of 50 Free Summer Concerts This Summer, Highlight Hollywood News

Posted: 18 May 2012 12:16 AM PDT

The Levitt Pavilion Pasadena, located in Memorial Park in old Pasadena, will kick off its 10th annual Music Festival (Wednesdays – Sundays June 17- August 26) at Make Music Pasadena on June 16 with the futuristic funk sounds of Dam Funk. Featuring Grammy-winners and world-renowned artists, the Levitt summer season attracts over 60,000 attendees each

Fox’s ‘American Idol’ Down To Two, And The Winner Of The Season Will Not Be Who We Predicted Last Night, Highlight Hollywood News

Posted: 18 May 2012 12:14 AM PDT

After a marathon performances all Thursday night on Fox's "American Idol," which had the contestants singing three songs each, American Idol's top three – Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips – faced the final elimination on Thursday.  And even though the contestants say they'll be happy for whoever wins the competition, only two of

Highlight Hollywood Shines A Birthday Spotlight On Four Celebrities Celebrating Today, May 18

Posted: 18 May 2012 12:12 AM PDT

Four of Hollywood's finest are having a special day today, Friday, May 18; and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of them. Hope this is the finest of days for each of you, and many more to come. If we left your favorite celebrity off our list, please tell us, and we will be glad to

Levitt LA FREE Summer Concerts Beginning In JULY At MacArthur Park, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive News

Posted: 18 May 2012 12:06 AM PDT

LevittLA will kick off its 6th Annual 50 Summer Concerts Series on July 5 at 7:00 pm. The kick off celebration launches a musical lineup featuring Grammy-winners and world-renowned artists with FREE concerts Thursdays through Sundays, July 6 through September 9, 20l2 at the beautiful MacArthur Park Pavilion. All Thursday through Sunday evenings begin at

HBO’s ‘True Blood’s’ Season Five Offers A Bloody High Five And Ryan Kwanten Says, ‘Seaon More Controversial’ Highlight Hollywood News

Posted: 17 May 2012 09:20 PM PDT

"True Blood" is less than a month away from debuting season 5, and handsome Aussie leading man Ryan Kwanten calls this season, "The most controversial so far." And can you imagine, he's talking about HBO's "True Blood," guys!  Sexy abs, blonde hair, handsome, but one of Bon Temps' least intelligent residents, Jason Stackhouse has, "an

Beauty Jenny McCarthy To Pose On Summer Cover Of Playboy Magazine Almost 20 Years After Her First Appearance, Highlight Hollywood New

Posted: 17 May 2012 05:42 PM PDT

Jenny McCarthy is baring all – again! The Love in the Wild host, 39, will be featured on the July/August cover of Playboy, a rep for the magazine confirms to Highlight Hollywood. The mom of an autistic son, who also will strip down for a nude pictorial, first posed for Playboy in 1993. She later

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