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King Of Pop, Rivera's New Record, Defaced Painting, And More

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
The largest exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein's work to date will be traveling to a number of museums in the U.S. and Europe this summer. First stop: the Art Institute of Chicago.
Rivera Work Poised To Set New Auction Record
Take a Mary Cassatt B'day Quiz!
LGBTQ Portraits
Painting That Ridicules S. Africa's President Is Defaced
Bicyclists Become Fireflies
Annette Insdorf: Edward Norton in the Kingdom of Cannes (INTERVIEW)
in Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, Norton's character is as wholly sweet-natured as the movie itself. In an interview, Norton spoke excitedly about working with the director of such films as Rushmore and Fantastic Mr. Fox.
E. Nina Rothe: The Intouchables and Its Filmmakers: Subversive, Exceptional and Unapologetically Real
The real magic of the movies lies in the filmmakers' ability to transport their audiences to places they have never been and wish they could inhabit. Such is the case with the upcoming release of The Intouchables.
Yasmine Mohseni: Beyond the White Cube: Dawn Kasper's Studio Within A Museum
The concept of performing and creating work within various exhibition sites was born out of necessity when the Dawn lost her studio, and it has now become an integral part of her artistic practice.
Heidi Kim: A Gallery Girl's Art Fair Diary
Hong Kong art fair week is an exciting, fast-paced, tumultuous, and hopefully rewarding period for all involved in the art world. It is a global phenomenon bringing about a significant cultural transformation to the region.
MutualArt: Color Jam in Chicago
2012-05-21-Chicagoloop.jpg Chicago, get ready -- pretty soon while taking a stroll downtown enjoying the sunshine, you will suddenly feel like you walked into the middle of an animated film.

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