Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Sky-High Photos, Magical Wonderlands, Chihuly's New Project And More!

Monday, May 21, 2012
Lately we have noticed two photography trends driving the internet wild. We're seeing many photographers riff off the 360-degree panoramic photo, and we're also seeing people take life-threatening risks to get the perfect shot. Sachigusa Yasuda weaves these two photography movements into one with her breathtaking "Aerial" collection.
'Wonderland' Photographer Kirsty Mitchell On Imagination, Loss And Alexander McQueen (PHOTOS)
Artist Arrested After Work Causes Bomb Scare
Chihuly's Controversial New Museum
Nightmares Real And Imagined
George Heymont: Don't Miss FWD: Life Gone Viral
Marc Lafia: Empires: Individuals in Search of Society
The new empire still plays by the games of the old empires: of divisiveness, of scarcity, of might and fear, even while we have never had such abundance and innovation. It is this paradox that our documentary Empires sets out to unravel.
Bess Rowen: Star Power: Peter and the Starcatcher
I am not saying that cross-dressing can't be funny, but I am saying that it is not a joke in and of itself. It is also simply old hat to laugh at a male character who seems emasculated. Haven't we moved past this?
Regina Weinreich: Not the Usual Four-Letter Word: Cock at the Duke Theater
On a 42nd Street block that used to house peep shows, The Duke Theater is a resonant location for a play called Cock. Something is mortally wounded in this cockfight. That you are not sure what, is this richly spare play's triumph.
Michal Shapiro: Sufi Pop Rocks the Asia Society (VIDEO)
Arif Lohar brought his electrified Sufi music to the Asia Society and pretty much tore the place apart. Lohar wooed the audience, and the audience responded in spades.

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