Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

World's Largest Painting, Foreclosures In Pictures, Art Renews Polish Town, And More!

Thursday, May 17, 2012
Today we often spend more time covering up smells than we do experiencing them, but Belgian artist Peter de Cupere is exploring and exposing fragrances in revolutionary new ways. De Cupere creates smell paintings, smell installations, smell moves and smell performances that toy with the relationship between scent and sight.
The World's Largest Painting?
Famous Photographer Directs 'The Girl Epidemic'
Photos Depict Harsh Realities Of The Foreclosure Crisis
Polish Town Gets a New Face After Street Art Festival
Debra Devi: I'm a Slave 4 That Voodoo That U Do
This was the religion of many slaves brought from West Africa to the Americas and the Caribbean. Vodun was brutally repressed by slave-owners, yet its powerful beats, ethics and aesthetics endured. We owe our concepts of cool, soul and rock and roll to it.
Adriana Teresa Letorney: In Conversation With Danish Designer Rie Nørregaard (PHOTOS)
James Franco: On Commencement Speeches
Commencement speeches are the worst kind of speech, because you need to be enthusiastic and inspiring in your own voice. There is nothing cheesier than that.
Kurt Ellenberger: What Happened to the Generation Gap?
Why are teenagers listening to music that their parents were dancing to 25 years ago instead of rebelling against it? When I was 13, I may have had some knowledge of pop stars from a quarter century earlier, but I certainly didn't like any of their music.
Tara Woodard-Lehman: The Beast of Mental Illness
A few months ago musician Phill Eason asked me to make a prop for a musical. But this was not your average musical. In part, because it used cosmic, apocalyptic images from scripture. In part, because it was set in a modern-day mental-health ward.

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